shoshanna in the print media

Body + Soul Magazine

Four articles featuring Shoshanna and her qigong program.

The Beautiful Movement

Ten Minute Qigong Wake-Up

Simple Soother

Flow to Sleep

Natural Awakenings Magazine

Interview about Shoshanna as a healthcare pioneer.

Read Shoshanna's articles in this years Monmouth County NJ Natural Awakenings Magazine.

Read Shoshanna's articles in September 2018 Miami/Keys Edition Natural Awakenings Magazine. scroll to page 34 - The Healing Power of Qi

Dr. Christiane Northrup's Health Wisdom for Women

Article named 'Three Treasures: A Chinese Prescription for Health & Longevity'.

Asbury Park Press

Article on qigong highlighting Shoshanna and her students.

Prime Woman Magazine

'Qigong and the Ageless Woman'.

Qigong is an ancient form of Chinese medicine exercise that retards the aging process by cultivating and strengthening the vital energy (Qi) in the body. It is an easy to perform exercise, and is a key to healthful longevity because it balances emotions, promotes serenity and strengthens the body.