natural awakenings magazine articles of 2021

"Treating the Root with Chinese Medicine" December/2021

Chinese medicine works toward bringing the body’s energetic system back into balance rather than focusing on treatment of symptoms. This is a challenging concept to understand for the many people who are primarily concerned with alleviating their symptoms. An acupuncture treatment may get rid of symptoms but if it doesn’t address the root cause then chances are that symptoms will return in the same or different form at a later date.

"You and Your Feet" November/2021

Our feet are a precious component of our body as we depend on them for standing and walking along with running, jumping, kicking and a variety of other movements. Working together with the force of gravity, it is important to be cognizant of harmonizing the placement of our feet with our hand movement. Ballet dancers spend countless hours honing this skill along with keeping their feet in good shape – after all, where would they be without them.

"The Basics of Chinese Herbs" October/2021

Chinese herbal medicine has been an integral aspect of Classical Chinese Medicine for centuries and the most highly developed system of herbology throughout the world. Individual herbs are combined into what is known as a Chinese herb formulation. There are hundreds of traditional formulas to choose from which have been time-proven through clinical application. A Chinese medicine practitioner either finds a suitable one from the list of classical formulas or makes modifications to better address a patient’s needs. This involves a lengthy process searching herbal references for the perfect fit as there is no “one formula that fits all”.

"The Splendor of Autumn" September/2021

Chinese medicine is a language unto itself. It is a paradigm filled with striking metaphors along with a variety of images with the central theme being that the human body exists as a reflection of the natural world. Learning about Chinese medicine concepts provides greater insight about the energetic impact of nature on one’s health – thereby becoming apparent just how important it is to maintain harmonious flow during changing of the seasons. This may require adjusting daily habits and behaviors according to the associated organ systems and fluctuations of yin (cold) and yang (heat) inherent within a particular season.

"The Yang of Late Summer" August/2021

Chinese medicine philosophy and practice guides us toward establishing greater awareness and connection to our inner nature and external environment. It views the change of seasons as signifying an energetic shift within the natural environment and within each person – one that directly impacts the physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic aspects of being. Learning how to live one’s life in harmony with these changes is key for maintaining health and well-being.

"Say Goodbye Allergies" July/2021

More and more people today are seeking relief from their allergies through acupuncture. This ancient Chinese medicine modality works by maximizing the body’s healing response to an allergic episode. The acupuncture approach is focused on decreasing inflammation in areas of the body where an allergic reaction has been generated. It also helps to allay allergic symptoms by building lung qi (vital energy). According to Chinese medicine, this is due to the lungs role in governing the nose, respiration and the skin. The lungs also rule proper flow of qi which is at the root of vibrant health, energetic balance and a strong healing response.

"Say Goodbye to Low Back Pain" June/2021

Throughout the centuries, people have known through personal experience that low back pain can be relieved through acupuncture. For so long, the main way folks would know this to be true has been through word of mouth. Fortunately, the media has been singing the praises of acupuncture for years now, providing help to countless people who would otherwise still be suffering. It is thus a major step in the right direction that guidelines from the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians recommend that physicians should consider acupuncture as an alternative therapy for patients with chronic low back pain not being helped through conventional methods.

"Building your Blood" May/2021

A common health trend these days for many people includes reducing the amount of red meat they consume for various reasons. It thus becomes quite surprising when their acupuncturist may suggest they eat small amounts of red meat combined with a variety of vegetable on a regular basis. The main reason for this recommendation is to build and produce adequate amounts of Blood (xue) within their system. Quite simply, this stems from red meat containing blood itself, along with strengthening the flow of Qi (vital energy).

"Working with Yin and Yang" April/2021

The Yin Yang Theory provides understanding about the characteristics and tendencies of Yin and Yang energies. We know that they contain an element of their opposite, where within each lies a seed of the other that could sprout at any time. They are independent, yet never fully separate - as Yin cannot exist without Yang and vice versa. Yin energy represents the more feminine, soft, yielding, internal, receptive and calming aspects of life. It forms the basis of the nervous system, bones and bodily fluids. Whereas yang represents the more masculine, hard, firm, external and active aspects of life. It is associated with igniting physiological and mental activation.

"Revitalize Your Life Force Energy (Qi)" March/2021

Various situations negatively impact the flow of Qi, causing it to become deficient or stagnant rather than remaining in a harmonious state. Without consciously realizing it, the energetic body picks things up throughout the day that need to be released, otherwise they build up and produce negative effects. This may manifest in feeling out of sorts, unusually fatigued or angry for no apparent reason. A current example is having to deal with the emotional, mental and physical distress stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Other causes of qi disharmony include: accidents, insufficient nutrition, extremes in temperature as well as a prolonged bouts of emotional imbalance such as depression.

Chinese medicine works to regain balance and wellness through cleansing, cultivating and renewing the flow of qi.

"The Life Energy of Your Eyes" February/2021

We learn from Chinese medicine that one’s eyes are a reflection of the quality and quantity of their shen – the spiritual aspect of being that controls and regulates life. Within this paradigm, eyes which are bright, sparkling, clear and responsive indicate a strong and ample shen substance. Strong shen leads to higher levels of realization and spiritual acu-ity, along with enhanced insight and strength of conviction. And quite importantly, a strong and bright shen promotes being more present in the moment and having the mental acuity for making important life decisions.

"Welcome in the Year of the Ox" January/2021

2020 was the Year of the Rat which won’t occur again until 2032. The Year of the Ox is approaching as it begins February 12th and ends on January 31st. In general, it is related to the element of earth, the energy of yin and the season of winter. Although just like the previous year, this one is directly related to the metal element.
Diligence, dependability and honesty are the qualities traditionally associated with the ox, along with robustness and determination. This includes having great pa-tience and desire to make progress through consistent effort. In this vein, one stays true to their ideals in understanding how things need to take place without being influenced by others. This allows people to achieve their goals through applying inner strength with clear vision – along with a set plan containing detailed steps required to move forward successfully. These qualities are coming forth at the perfect, most opportune time in terms of triumphing over the current COVID challenges.

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