natural awakenings magazine articles of 2017

"Migraine Relief through Acupuncture" December/2017

Migraine episodes happen without warning, last for hours or even days, get worse with activity and are accompanied by nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light or noise. It is typical for them to occur on one side of the head and be accompanied by throbbing or pulsating with a moderate to severe level of pain. Acupuncture treatment is used to allay painful symptoms during a migraine attack and to reduce frequency and intensity of future episodes. A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found acupuncture to significantly reduce the frequency of migraine attacks, along with long-term reduction in migraine recurrence.

"Get Your Pressure Down" November/2017

There is no doubt that life pressures can cause stress to build up within the body and lead to high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. In fact, it is a health issue that plagues 1 in 3 Americans and without proper management can become fatal. The most important thing is to catch high blood pressure early and gain control over it with healthy lifestyle habits. The very worst approach is for one to “put their head in the sand,” rather than integrating daily ongoing measures to keep it under bay. Daily practicing of tai chi and/ or qigong are excellent methods to work with alleviation of stress through “calming of heart and spirit.” It’s various postures and application of breathing techniques stimulates and activates the energies of all vital organs, works with balancing hormones and strengthens immunity. This allows for qi (vital energy) and blood to flow freely throughout the body to help reduce elevated blood pressure. Qigong and tai chi are also forms of “meditation through movement” which help with centering and integration of the mind, body and spirit. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy are additional methods for reducing excessive levels of blood pulsating throughout the body.

"The Virtue of Chinese Herbs" October/2017

Herbal medicine has been a natural healing method in China for centuries. Throughout the years, the usage of Chinese herbs has been tested thoroughly through clinical application. Today, it is considered to be the most highly developed and used system of herbal medicine throughout the world - one that provides an excellent adjunct to western medical treatment. Similar to other branches of Chinese medicine, this holistic system of healing works through integration of the whole body via regulation of energetic and physiological imbalances. Accordingly, Chinese herbal treatment provides the distinct possibility for successful treatment for a myriad of conditions.

"Cultivation of Body, Breath & Mind" September/2017

Consistent practice of the Chinese exercise arts of tai chi and qigong regulate the body, breath and mind and can be easily adapted to enhance everyday activities. This approach is a process that begins by paying special attention to physical alignment, learning to regulate the breath and focusing intention of the mind. It serves as a way to open free flow of qi, the vital energy that motivates and moves all bodily functions and transformations. Moreover, it increases integration of the body and mind through moving “together as one.” This has far-reaching benefits for overall wellbeing and peace of mind. Click on the above link to read more.

"Fertility Power: The Chinese Medicine Way" August/2017

Chinese medicine has a long history of success aiding couples whith their fertility. It is traditionally believed sthat such positive outcomes are gained through regulating hormones, increascing blood flow to the pelvic area, balancing the menstrual cycle, strengthening sperm, triggering ovulation, nourishing egg quality, and calming the mind. Historically, the first record of treatment for infertility and miscarriage was in 200 CE in the well-known Chinese medicine text of the Shang Han Lun. Click on the above link to read more.

"Summer: The Time of Spiritual Evolution" July/2017

Summer is the season when the element of fire is at its optimal level. It is when the cycle of nature has risen to its highest peak and everything comes into bloom in the warmth and light of the sun. Summer is the time of spiritual evolution when the shen matures, expands and finds its true expression and full potential. It involves a process of energetic transformation that requires a strong physical body, focused mind, and nourished shen. Energetic health of the heart is a key ingredient in this process because it is where the shen resides and is the yin organ of the fire element, which is also associated with the season of summer. The heart is described as the “heart mind,” which when strong and steady leads to proper control of emotions. Click on the above link to read more.

"The Yin Yang Balancing Act" June/2017

According to Wikipedia, the metaphysical definition of balance is “a desirable point between two or more opposite forces which minimizes the negatives of both. “ When applied to Chinese medicine, this definition relates to the healthful state of being gained by balancing the complementary, yet opposing forces of yin and yang. Establishing the balance between yin and yang results in an abundant flow of life force, commonly known as qi (pronounced ‘chee’). Maintenance of flow over an extended period of time leads to vibrant energy, peaceful spirit, mental clarity, relationship success, and optimal function of the physical body.

"Chinese Medicine to Allay Anxiety" May/2017

Chinese medicine is an excellent treatment for anxiety, a condition that is highly common as a result of today’s fast paced, high-pressure society. According to Chinese medicine, anxiety is derived from a disharmony within either one or a combination of the heart, kidney, spleen and liver organ systems. Chinese medicine treatments such as acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, combined with the exercises of qigong or tai chi are excellent options for restoring balance, peace, and harmony when anxiety has become an issue.

"Chinese Medicine: A Holistic Process of Healing" April/2017

Chinese medicine is a broad-spectrum approach involving life’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic components. The primary goal is to establish health through restoration and maintenance of free flowing energy throughout the body. It focuses on resolving the root cause of illness, together with addressing presenting symptoms. As a preventative measure, it improves upon and maintains optimal health. As a holistic approach to wellness, Chinese medicine views and treats a person as a whole to achieve balance, vibrant energy, peace, and strong will for life.

"Amazing Acupuncture: Amazing You" March/2017

Acupuncture is an effective method for promotion of health, prevention of disease, and al­leviation of pain. This is accomplished through enhanced qi flow where there is deficiency and re-established flow where there is blockage. This is based on the major tenet of Chinese medicine that disease occurs when qi is deficient, blocked, or out of balance.

"Nourishing the Five Spirits: Our Key to Health" February/2017

The beauty of Chinese medicine is the way it treats an individual as a whole being. Its major goal is to establish free flowing qi (pronounced ‘chee’) throughout the body’s energetic pathways. Good health is also attained by balancing the emotional and spiritual aspects of the body. This is especially important when an individual has emotional and mental health issues. Depending on individual needs, treatment is aimed at addressing the root cause and simultaneously focusing on alleviating symptoms.


"Nourishing the Source of Life" January/2017

According to Chinese medicine, the spleen is the primary yin organ of the body traditionally known as “the source of life.” The spleen governs the breakdown of food and drink and then turns it into energetic nourishment for the body. Numerous factors need to be considered in terms of lifestyle habits to ensure healthy, vibrant spleen energy. This is especially the case due to our fastpaced society which tends to overwork and deplete the spleen, leading to an inordinate number of people suffering from digestive issues and low energy.