natural awakenings magazine articles of 2016

"Energize Your Spark of Life" December/2016

An easy method for self-cultivation of kidney energy is through a simple breathing technique known as “belly breathing.” It is most effective when done naturally - without forcing, holding, or constricting the breath. Best when practiced daily, belly breathing nourishes the vital forces of kidney jing and activates ‘life gate fire.’ It is also an excellent method for centering and stress reduction.

"Anger: The Liver Life Connection" November/2016

Chinese medicine has viewed emotions as a root cause of physical illness for centuries. According to the Law of the Five Elements, correlations exist between each emotion and a particular vital organ, along with its associated meridian. This means that the ways in which a person expresses these emotions directly affects the health of their vital organs.

"Chinese Medicine & the Emotion of Grief" October/2016

The Chinese medicine system of holistic healing teaches that health is restored through establishment of harmony and balance in terms of the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects of life. This includes quality of daily living habits as well as expression and behavior in relationship to self and others – all having a monumental impact on one’s health.

"Qigong: Chinese Yoga for Energetic Momentum" September/2016

Qigong (pronounced ‘chee-gung’) is an ancient Chinese exercise designed to balance and cultivate the flow of energy for health and healing purposes. Qigong is easy to learn and can be performed by anyone regardless of ability. Also known as Chinese Yoga, it is a form of energy medicine that strengthens the body physically as it calms the mind and spirit to promote relaxation and revitalization.

"The Yin and Yang of Creativity" August/2016

The Yin Yang Theory provides a foundation for understanding the relationship of opposites in both nature as well as in the body. A key component of this law is that the forces of yin and yang complement each other. Furthermore, they simultaneously contain an element of their opposite, meaning there is always a little bit of yin within yang and a little bit of yang within yin.

"Nourishing the Yang: Ancient Healing for Men" July/2016

According to Yin Yang theory, a male is classified as exhibiting more yang qualities. Yang is associated with Qi (vital energy), predominance of heat, a more robust and loud demeanor, more external symptoms, and a harder and more outgoing nature. A major component of a Chinese medicine approach to men's health thus involves an analysis of these yang qualities to establish a baseline for treatment. The treatment goal is to ultimately bring the yin and yang energies of the body into harmony and thus restore homeostasis.

"Nourishing the Yin: Ancient Healing for Women" June/2016

According to the Yin Yang Theory, women are more of a yin nature and men are more yang - whereby yin relates to blood, internal, water, cold, and darkness, and yang relates to energy, external, dryness, and heat. Health is maintained and sustained by balancing energy to exist more toward the center of the continuum of yin and yang. Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese dietary therapy, Chinese exercises and lifestyle recommendations are employed singularly or in combination to bring the yin and yang energies into balance to restore health and vitality.

"Chinese Medicine: Panacea for Stress & Anxiety" May/2016

Forty million people in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders, ranking as our country’s most common mental illness. The level of severity ranges from a basic feeling of a pit in the stomach all the way to a feeling of fear, negative thoughts, restlessness, palpitations, and in many instances panic attacks. Fortunately, Chinese medicine offers various treatment options for anxiety at all levels accomplished by balancing and calming the energetics of the body to re-establish homeostasis.

"Age-Old Healing for the Eyes" April/2016

There is a growing body of successful clinical reports and research studies showing the effectiveness of acupuncture for treatment of many eye problems. Some of the commonly treated conditions commonly include eyes that are swollen, dry, itchy, red, blurry, sore, or twitching and conditions such as conjunctivitis, optic neuritis or atrophy, as well as early-stage macular degeneration, cataract, and glaucoma.

"The Many Faces of Qi" March/2016

The Chinese Medicine Body Clock illustrates the fixed and continuous flow of energy which occurs in two-hour cycles within a 24 hour period as it transitions from one meridian (energy pathway) to the next. According to Chinese medicine theory the energy flow moving through these cycles is known as Qi.

"Chinese Medicine for a Healthy Mouth" February/2016

Chinese medicine treatment to strengthen the health of your teeth and gums includes acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs and specific foods to re-balance the flow of energy throughout the body.

"From Myth to Science: The Healing Power of Chinese Herbs" January/2016

Chinese herbal medicine has become one of the most highly developed, time-proven methods of herbalism in the world. It is a system that is used alone or in combination with other Chinese medicine techniques such as acupuncture and Chinese dietary therapy. Thousands of classical herbal formulations have been created and used for centuries to promote health and healing.


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