acupuncture for weight management

Some people find they continuously eat way too much during meals. This overloads the body with extra calories and overworks the digestive system. Others find themselves binging on unhealthy foods regularly – to fill a void, allay boredom, or as a way of dealing with stress. Many people find themselves turning to sweets for a quick energy boost – only to be followed by overwhelming fatigue and emptiness. No matter what the pattern, these are all examples of unhealthy patterns around food. When continued over the years, they set the body up for metabolic disease.


Acupuncture treatment is quite instrumental in helping to heal issues with food. It is one of the best known alternative therapies for helping with addictive behavior. It works by increasing energy, eliminating cravings, strengthening will power, maximizing metabolism, and boosting digestion. Acupuncture promotes an overall sense of calm and composure that helps strengthen commitment to healthful food choices. It leads to feeling good about one self as it enlivens spirit and forges a deep inner connection with one’s environment.