skin healing

I decided to try acupuncture when a family member suggested it might help with some skin problems I was having.  I had been from doctor to doctor with no success and was willing to try anything.  I had heard about people who had success with acupuncture and had an open mind about it.

From my very first appointment I knew that Shoshanna was going to help me in some way.  I had such positive feelings because within minutes of meeting with her it was evident she was truly interested in my health and well being and in helping me to feel better.  She spent more time with me than any doctor ever had and was extremely thorough in learning more about me and the history of my health.  Having been to several doctors I had spent more time filling out paperwork and health questionnaires than I care to remember, and can’t recall any of the doctors ever asking me about the information I provided.  Shoshanna not only reviewed my information thoroughly but asked questions so she could really get to know more about me.

When I had my first treatment I was completely at ease and comfortable, which is not a feeling that is familiar to me – especially in new situations.  After my first treatment my positive feelings about Shoshanna and acupuncture were solidified even more.  From the moment I got home I couldn’t wait to go back, and this is how I’ve felt ever since.  The positive feeling and energy I had was something so new, something that I couldn’t necessarily put into words, just an overall feeling of good.  This feeling has continued to grow and has had such a positive impact on my life in many ways.  I have a calmness that I’ve never felt before, I am able to handle stressful situations better than I ever have in the past, I don’t have anxiety like I used to, my energy level is the best it has ever been, and my skin problems are gone!

Working with Shoshanna has improved my overall health and has helped me to gain a positive perspective on life.  I am grateful that someone suggested I give acupuncture a try and am even more grateful that I decided to try it with Shoshanna. Many thanks!         CS  

I was in despair and ready to commit suicide because my skin was filled with open bleeding sores. It hurt to take a shower, to wear clothes and just moving was almost an impossibility. I was in constant agony. It hurt to go out of the house as I had to cover myself so no one could see my skin. I had been to 13 medical doctors, holistic practitioners and I had even had a healer work with me over the phone. No one could help me. I had tried numerous creams and pills and I was at the end of my rope. This had started over 2 years ago and it was getting progressively worse.

My friend recommended Shoshanna Katzman. After the first treatment, I felt a great improvement. Within one week, I could see the sores disappearing. I could wear clothes, take a shower without pain and at this point, which is three months later, I'm 85-90% improved. I'm able to do my gardening again, walking every day, even in the heat, and can do anything I want. Best of all, I have my smile back again. Shoshanna and her staff exude a caring and friendly atmosphere. I am grateful that I found them as they have helped me live again.         G. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information.