neurological help

Ten months ago I started coming to RBAC for treatment of IBS – which, by the way, I feel 95% better.  Last month, during the course of my treatment, I came down with the “shingles”. I called to cancel my appointment for the next day because I knew shingles were contagious and very painful.  Shoshanna got on the line and told me I should get there right away – acupuncture can stop the pain of shingles. Well 4 or 5 treatments later, my shingles are completely gone and I never had any pain!

The nurse in my Doctor’s office was shocked when she heard that I didn’t have any pain.

Thank you Shoshanna,         J.D.

When I first met with Shoshanna I was devastated. I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy and had no idea how long it would take for my face to look “normal” again. My doctor told me 8-12 weeks, the internet said it could be 6-9 months. But after 1 week with Shoshanna my face recovered about 80% normalcy. I felt extremely relieved and grateful that I had movement in my eye and lips again.

After receiving treatment for 10 days, I am fully recovered.

Shoshanna and acupuncture have given me hope when I was completely distraught & for that I am very thankful. O.L., Red Bank


I want to thank you for all that the acupuncture has done for me. I came into your office with involuntary tremors. The tremors were so bad, I had trouble eating, drinking, writing, and performing other related tasks. They were getting worse and worse and the recommended medications had too many side effects. I also had a pinched nerve in my neck leading to shoulder and arm pain. I have had a total of eighteen treatments spanning two months and am happy to report my shoulder is at 100%, while my tremors have improved 80%. I can now drink without spilling, can eat with a fork/spoon, and have no problem writing.

Sincerely,         Mr. J.B. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information.