kelly van sickell

Kelly is the BEST! She has treated my whole family for 15+ years. She has treated us for so many things. She helped my husband get off his inhaler after many years of use due to allergies. She also prevented my son from having to use one for his allergies. We are a very active athletic family. So with that comes many types of injuries including muscle pulls, strains, sprains and surgeries. Kelly was always part of our recovery team. You know acupuncture works when one of my kids would come home with an injury and the first thing they would say is “Mom I need to see Kelly”. Kelly has been such a big part of the health and wellness of my family over the years. In addition to the physical ailments we have had we have always turned to her for treatments during times when we need immune support as well as emotional support. She is truly an amazing healer!

I have been under Kelly Van Sickle’s care for almost 20 years. In that time she has proven to be an expert at diagnosis, treatment plans and outcomes. In addition she is uniquely focused on total wellness. I attribute my good health to not only her treatment but the allied professionals who she has introduced me to over the years.

Kelly is an extremely skilled and experienced acupuncturist. During my playing years as a high school and division one football player I would visit her for a variety of different reasons and was never disappointed in the results. From severe back pain to concussion, Kelly always seemed to have an acupuncture technique to alleviate the pain in which I was experiencing. The knowledge and eagerness to help people is what made me become a regular visitor and would recommend Kelly to anyone.

I was referred to Kelly after trying chiropractic care and massage. I have constant neck and shoulder pain that make my daily routine frustrating to say the least. I had huge reservations due to my dislike of needles but I needed to try something different. Kelly was very nurturing and extremely knowledgeable. After only one visit I could feel the difference. Acupuncture has been extremely helpful in easing my pain and stress. Kelly’s kind spirit and gentle nature made the process that much easier. I would highly recommend her!

Kelly Van Sickell was very professional, attentive, and made me feel at ease when I was stressed about needles since shots really scare me. I had suffered from chronic lung infections for over a year. After just one session I noticed a drastic improvement. After three sessions my lungs had cleared up completely. Within minutes I was immediately put into a deep state of relaxation and healing! What sets her apart- was how knowledgeable, thoughtful and invested in my personal treatment she was. It was evident that she genuinely cared in each and every appointment I had that there was positive progress. I cannot recommend her strongly enough to anyone else out there who is considering Acupuncture.

My experience receiving acupuncture from Kelly Van Sickell is worth sharing with anyone considering treatment! I came to Kelly after enduring many struggles trying to conceive my first child. I was at a loss for where to go or what to do next. After being referred to Kelly by a friend, I quickly realized the caliber of her ability to heal almost any need or ailment through acupuncture. I was truly amazed at the impact it made. Her professionalism, expertise, and ability to not only heal, but also make you feel comfortable in the process surpasses any therapeutic experience I have ever received! She is a true master of her craft and I am forever grateful for her treatment and support!
Thanks for everything!

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