bronchial and ear infections in children

For three months before we started treatment at Red Bank Acupuncture, my son Evan, 6 months old, had recurrent bronchial infections and ear infections.

We first went the regular route of bringing him to his pediatrician and visiting a couple of pulmonary specialists. The repeated answer that we received was that there was little to be done about his chest congestion, other than using a nebulizer with albuterol solution to temporarily help him breathe by opening up his bronchial tubes. This treatment would cause him to be very hyper with some trembling. Also the doctors said that early on he might have caught the RSV virus which attacks pre-mature babies respiratory systems and might eventually lead to asthma. After three months of going back and forth to hospital emergency rooms, pediatricians and specialists, taking antibiotics and the situation not getting any better, we decided to get proactive and search for a TCM doctor. Through the Web, the Red Bank Acupuncture Center was recommended.

We met Shoshanna, and were treated in a friendly, non-condescending manner. As for the treatment, for the first time in three months, my son slept peacefully and could breathe clearly. After 4 treatments he has lost the wheezing and mucus in his lungs and has great energy. The shocking thing is that he didn’t mind the acupuncture at all! We just regret not doing this sooner, because we could have saved our baby all that suffering.         J&M A.

I first brought my son to see Shoshanna after he had a moderate reaction to penicillin (Suprax) which was prescribed for a double ear infection.  He was 4 at the time, had previously had a mild reaction to Augmentin.  This time he had been coughing for several weeks and he hadn’t slept through the night in quite some time due to the cough.  Two weeks after the reaction, it seemed to subside, but he was still coughing and complaining that his ears hurt.  I took him back to the Pediatrician.  Sure enough, he had a double ear infection.  He was again prescribed an antibiotic.  I asked the doctor what the chances were that he would have an allergic reaction, and his response was that 3% of children, who have allergic reactions to one, have reactions to others.  I was informed that there was no guarantee the he wouldn’t.  I was scared to death to give him another antibiotic.  A third reaction may have resulted in anaphylactic shock. I needed to do something for my son that would help him get better without the drugs.

I have been going for acupuncture for many years, and knew it was time to take my son.  He went with some hesitation, but I must say that Shoshanna spoke with him so gently and confidently, that his first and subsequent treatments were great.  She was deftly able to explain to him what was happening, and assured him that she wouldn’t do anything to hurt him.  She told him that if he got too scared or it hurt too much that she would stop.  He trusted her, and he was a real champ.  I remember so vividly that she sat on the floor and spoke directly to him for some time before the treatments.  When I brought him home after his first treatment, he slept through the night for the first time in 6 weeks.  Subsequent treatments healed him completely within 7-10 days.  He has not taken an antibiotic in over a year.  Now when he gets sick I take him in for 1 or 2 treatments and he heals so much faster.  On the occasions that he does get sick, it is never as bad as it was before he began acupuncture.  He enjoys going to acupuncture, and I couldn’t be happier. The best thing I could have done for my son was to get him involved with acupuncture and allow his own body to heal itself without the drugs.  I could not be happier with what Shoshanna has done, and it is without reservation that I recommend her.

If I may provide any further information, I would be happy to do so.         MW does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information.