addictions no more

Hello!  I trust that all your needs are being met and acceptance allows you to be grateful each day.  I just celebrated one year clean, which after 26 years of using drugs is a major milestone in my life.  I just want to thank you for being part of the support system that got me, and continues to get me another day clean!  I can remember coming into your office sick, scared, ashamed and worn down physically, mentally and spiritually.  However, I was willing to open up to you and share my innermost thoughts because I knew that you were a caring, loving, nonjudgmental person.  My spirit needed your guidance and felt safe and nourished in your presence.  I will always remember you telling me that I was done with the old way of life and this was a new start.  It gave me reassurance that it was ok to let go and move on.  I remember you giving me lots of time and peaceful conversation.  I also remember sensing that you yourself had fear of what I had experienced and what bottom it had led me to.  Your touch was gentle and loving, your words reassuring, and your office peaceful and full of life giving energy.

I am truly grateful for what you gave me when I was so fragile and also for what you continue to give me.  When I think of you today I see a beautiful person who gives of herself to help others help themselves.  This is something that I can get daily strength from to continue on my path.  I use you as an example of what is good and pure and follow your example.  I know that we were meant to meet and share the time we shared.  Peace and love,         B.

Shoshanna is a humble expert with a truly amazing gift of healing. She has helped my body through unexplained pain. Unexplained until we talked about my pain and what might have brought it on. She uncovers, assesses....whatever it is that she does, her years of study and experience and her gentle approach have rendered me pain free! No muscle relaxers or pain killers- no drugs! Oh! Did I mention that I quit smoking over 3 years ago through acupuncture? I highly recommend Red Bank Acupuncture and Wellness!          M.O., Colts Neck, NJ does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. See additional information.