basics of seasonal acupuncture

five element theory Chinese medicine offers natural ways of living in harmony with environmental cycles.  A major component to achieve such harmony includes physical and energetic balancing of the body through Chinese medicine techniques during the change of seasons. More specifically, treatments received during the change of season target balancing of the energies associated with each season. This can be accomplished through acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Qigong, T’ai Chi, Chinese food therapy as well as adjustments in lifestyle. It is a wonderful preventative measure for enhancement and maintenance of health and well-being.

These energetic adjustments are traditionally known as “seasonal tune-ups” based on the Law of the Five Elements - whereby each season is associated with the element of fire, earth, metal, water or wood. And each of these elements is associated with particular vital organs.

Each season has a particular energetic impact on the mind, body and spirit of an individual. The Yin/Yang Theory teaches that yin is associated with coldness and the internal aspects of being. Whereas yang is associated with heat and the more external aspects. Winter is characterized by coldness, dampness and darkness as well as a period of dormancy and replenishment.

Whether it is spring, summer, late summer, fall or winter – our bodies register the change on both a physical and energetic level. This transformation is worthy of special attention! According to the ancient principles of Chinese medicine the change of seasons signifies an energetic shift not only within the world around, but also within us. It is accordingly a time when we can become vulnerable to external pernicious influences as well as the resurgence of a chronic condition. It could be that your flow of Qi, the energetic frequency of your body, is in disharmony with the seasonal frequency – which has the potential to lead to inner turmoil and eventual Qi deficiency which can result in debility and illness. Acupuncture treatment can help balance Qi to help one’s energy to align with the change of season to not only prevent physical illness, but also mental and emotional distress.

It is thus prudent to support this natural shift of energies through acupuncture treatment designed to maintain balance of the particular organ systems involved in this transformation. Furthermore, this treatment is designed to boost immunity to prevent any energetic imbalance as a result which could lead to undesirable physical symptoms. Therefore, acupuncture treatment is highly recommended for energetic adjustment at the change of seasons to enhance our body's response in order to maintain optimal health and wellness.

Prevention is a key guiding principle in Chinese medicine. It is much easier to rid the body of a superficial imbalance in the beginning, rather than after it has become entrenched and imbedded deep into the body. This means doing something proactive like acupuncture to maintain integration of mind and body through energetic balance – and thus prevent disease.

Seasonal acupuncture is a good place to begin to boost, balance and tune-up your energetic inner potential. It will at the very least create inner peace, mental clarity, emotional balance, peaked immunity and an overall sense of well-being. Plus acupuncture has a cumulative effect whereby each treatment builds on the effectiveness of the next. This is an investment in your health in the truest sense of the word to ensure a life of energetic flow and balance.