acupuncture treatment to stop smoking

Acupuncture is an excellent method to help with smoking cessation. It increases will power, eliminates cravings, calms the body-mind, strengthens the lung, and increases energy. Acupuncture also helps to strengthen the inner resolve and commitment to achieving a goal – one of the most difficult, that of getting rid of a smoking habit. With ample will power and strong commitment to a new life as a non-smoker this goal is often easier than one would expect. Actually, that is the special thing about stopping to smoke through acupuncture, as it is surprisingly easy to achieve. For success with acupuncture it is essential that you are absolutely ready to quit for yourself – not for another person. The desire needs to come from within you, or else it won't work long term.

A person needs to be completely ready to become a non-smoker – that is the root requirement for it to work.
With that readiness and full commitment, quitting is a cinch with acupuncture.

It is an added boost for success that acupuncture adjusts brain chemistry to allay cigarette withdrawal. This happens through the increased flow of endorphins and neurotransmitters that are released from the brain as a result of insertion of the acupuncture needles into the body and ear.

For those concerned about gaining weight after stopping cigarettes, there are acupuncture points that can be added to the treatment to reduce the likelihood of that happening. Acupuncture has been shown to be an excellent way to quit cigarettes, without the worry of weight gain that can come as a result of quitting cigarettes. 

Acupuncture also strengthens the parasympathetic nervous system, meaning that it has a calming and sedative effect on the body and mind. This is especially helpful for any withdrawal symptoms such as irritability or shakiness experienced as a result of quitting. Acupuncture treatment also helps to create a peaceful and restful sleep, which can also assist in the stop-smoking experience. 

Quitting cigarettes is a huge accomplishment, as it is a difficult addiction to overcome. It is a life changer, enhancing a person’s hopes for a long and healthy life. There is so much stress involved in getting to the point of quitting cigarettes that instantly becomes resolved upon achieving one’s goal. The memories of numerous attempts; hours of thinking, wanting to have the strength to quit; the sense of shame due to societal attitudes – all of this just goes away, along with the smell of cigarettes in the car, clothes and house.

Treatments are preferably received five days in a row, with quitting the first day of treatments as optimal. However, there is flexibility in this treatment plan to allow for individual needs and differences. A full consultation will be done on your first visit which will be especially helpful to get you ready for your quitting process. It will be a time to share information about your health history and other pertinent thoughts about things that may trigger you to smoke and ways for you to change this behavior. You may also choose to do follow-up treatments after these initial five days, depending on how you feel.

Through the years, many people have quit smoking as a result of acupuncture sessions received at Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center. In so doing, they also learn about the help that they can receive for other problems they may have, or remember to come back if a new symptom emerges. Acupuncture has the potential to be of great benefit in the process of smoking cessation and overall health and well-being. It is an ancient, time proven method that is safe and effective – one that is practiced all over the world with great success.