qigong for nutrition power

Qigong practice increases and reinforces flow of Qi (vital energy) to help find and maintain healthier behavior habits around food. These gentle movements from the ancient Chinese art of self-healing and fitness are an essential component for enlivening the body with Qi nutrition to better nourish body, mind and spirit. Through daily practice a balanced state of health is established filled with will power, inner peace and peak digestion and metabolism along with a renewed, positive relationship with food.


Through this experience, a person feels more natural cravings for nutritious food - eating to nourish the entire being.  Choosing the right foods in proper amounts becomes the norm. A feeling satiated by these foods becomes a welcomed surprise, whereby food becomes a friend, rather than an enemy beating you down. This takes work to achieve, it is not a quick fix – however, in the long run it is worth every ounce of effort.

The Qi potency available for body nourishment depends directly on the quality of food and water consumed combined with efficiency of the digestive system.  It is traditionally believe that the body is formed out of an essence derived from the food we eat, namely Gu Qi. This special Qi nutrition is enhanced through eating foods with the highest quality possible. Qigong practice is also instrumental through promoting greater transportation of nutrition to our tissues, cells and organs. The combination of super food and peak digestion creates ample Gu Qi to fully nourish the body.

Qigong cultivates Qi through deep breathing, flowing movement, and concentration on the particular energy center being activated. This helps to reinforce the mind/body connection, activates metabolism, promotes digestion, enhances circulation of body fluids and charges the spirit. This holistic breathing technique can be thought of as “whole body breathing transforming to whole body digestion to create whole body wellness”. This special Qigong spreading of energy forges a stronger connection between the physical and energetic aspects of the body resulting in greater inner trust, happy spirit-mind, and balanced physical body.

Qigong practiced every day also stimulates the desire and strengthen inner commitment to the constructive action necessary to restore balance, peace and overall wellness. It becomes apparent that destructive food choices need to be minimized as it depletes the Qi nutrition derived from foods eaten.

Qi depletion occurs from a diet that is the following:

  • Too rich - heavy sauces, organ meats, fried, excessively sweet, fat or spicy
  • Non-nutritious - excessive sugar, caffeine, processed foods and alcohol
  • Lacking in vital quality - overcooked, coloring agents, preservatives or other additives, grown in depleted soil or with pesticides, and processed foods
  • Consumed at wrong time, in a rushed state and without positive energy

Through becoming more aware of the energetics of food, alignment with Qi nutrition increases. This enhances awareness of the energetic process of transforming the physical food eaten into plentiful Gu Qi. This is a profound shift of consciousness during the eating process that becomes a creative experience, a new way of accepting the physical aspect of food eaten as well as the Qi filled counterpart.

Through daily Qigong practice a constructive food solution evolves as deep healing takes place, intuition develops, Qi immunity becomes strong and whole body breathing becomes more steadfast. This establishes new patterns of eating that is both energetically and physically nutritious.

Through listening attentively to the physical needs of your body around food,
you begin empower your physical body to make more constructive, healthier food choices.
This helps the body to fully absorb physical nutrition in the form of vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

Digestion is a creative process that needs the attention of the mind, body and spirit. With Qigong practice and healthier food choices your Shen (spirit) becomes clearer and brighter. You become more aware of the Qi content of the foods you ingest. You become more aware of your attitude, thoughts and feelings present at the moment you bring your food into your body. And you continue to be aware of how it is processes, not just physically but how you feel spiritually throughout the process as well.

In this way, Qigong practice helps to establish a solid mind and mind-body connection through energetic and spiritual awareness. Furthermore, maintaining an open mind and positive attitude both enhances spiritual awareness at it improves brain function – whereby mental clarity is present to help make the healthiest food choices possible to maintain inner peace and an incredibly healthy body.