acupuncture: for pain & more

Acupuncture treats the physical body through energetic means. This happens through opening up energy flow as a result of needles placed into points along the meridian pathways. As a result, a person is able to release energetic blockages that are at the root cause of their symptoms.

Acupuncturists are trained extensively in the science of Chinese medicine diagnosis, as well as the art of listening to patients. They are trained to identify the underlying cause of disease and dysfunction and help restore energetic balance which then transforms physical symptoms.

needlesAcupuncture is most widely known for the treatment and amelioration of:

      • acute and chronic pain
      • stress and anxiety
      • fatigue and weakness

Acupuncture is also excellent as an alternative treatment for debilitating, difficult to treat internal problems and diseases. It is essential for each person to be seen, diagnosed and treated by their Western physician, but this certainly doesn’t preclude them from also seeking the support of a trained and experienced acupuncturist. The following explains how acupuncture is often used to help:

Digestive Disturbances: According to Chinese medicine the transformation and transportation of food is governed by the spleen energetics. According to the Five Elements Theory, the liver controls the spleen and stomach – therefore digestion is affected also by the liver energy. The liver is associated with the emotion of anger, therefore when a person is extremely upset, angry or anxious one’s digestion is affected as well.

Gynecological Problems: According to Chinese medicine – women are all about their quantity and quality of Blood. The main organs involved are the spleen, liver, heart and kidneys – some more, some less. However, no matter what the root cause, these organs are intricately connected because of how they influence the penetrating and girdle vessels, which support the female system.

A woman’s kidney essence is especially important for her gynecological system during all phases of life. Kidney Jing, the source of life, provides for reproduction, growth and development throughout a woman’s life cycle. Jing is found in ovarian eggs, bone marrow, brain and stored in the kidneys. The kidneys are a source of both water and fire and influence the uterus, which stores the Blood. Therefore, acupuncture treatment focuses on all of the organs, but especially the kidneys for treatment of women’s health issues.

Respiratory, Skin and Auto-Immune Ailments: In Chinese medicine the lungs govern the Qi of the whole body as well as refer to the entire respiratory system, including the nose and sinuses. The lungs are nourished through the breath – exactly why breathing exercises are so essential for lung health.

The lungs correspond to the skin according to the Law of the Five Elements – exactly why dry skin brushing and clothing made of natural fibers can be said to “help the skin breathe freely”. Furthermore, the lung connection to the skin creates a direct relationship to the functioning of the immune system. This is because Wei Qi (Defense Qi) is located right beneath the skin. When lung energy is abundant it manifests as strong physical vitality and peak immunity.

A sign saying “place of last resort” at the entrance
of any acupuncture office would be quite apropos.

Too many of those who seek help have been suffering for many years. Some people have a set diagnosis with no signs in improvement of symptoms no matter what the remedy. Others have been told that their problem could not be diagnosed, and still others are told their symptoms are “all in their head”. No matter what the reason – they have been told they would just need to live with their condition and simply make the best of it. They come into their initial consultation feeling forlorn, discouraged, and frustrated. No wonder it is difficult for them to believe at that point anyone can help. Fortunately, even with this outlook, more times than not, they are amazed to find themselves significantly better through the ancient art of acupuncture – maybe this could be true for you too!