shoshanna's radio show interviews

Excerpts from Transformation Radio with Dr. Roni DeLuz

  • Qigong for Staying Young, Part 1
  • Qigong for Staying Young, Part 2
  • Primer on Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • BlogTalkRadio with Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel

  • Chinese medicine to access your innate healing abilities
  • radio with Krystalya Marie

  • About Chinese medicine
  • Value of Qigong & T'ai Chi
  • 'Love your Life with Michelle'

  • Chinese medicine to access innate healing
  • Dr. Margaret Cochran on Anne Martin's Psychic World

    Excerpts from WebTalkRadio with Dr. Charles Glassman, MD

  • Chinese medicine intro
  • Acupuncture
  • Qigong
  • Chinese medicine research
  • Excerpts from "Natural Health Yak" with Dr. Christine Horner, MD

  • Cultivate vital energy with Qigong & T'ai Chi
  • Ease anxiety and stress with Qigong & T'ai Chi
  • Calm the nerves with Qigong & T'ai Chi
  • Practice for health Qigong
  • Nourish the heart with Qigong and self-acupressure

  • Excerpts from 'Secrets of Qigong Masters' with Lama Tantrapa on BlogTalkRadio

  • Qigong for health
  • Qigong and Chinese Medicine
  • Excerpts from 'Deepen the Connection with Yourself' with Marla Mervis on VoiceAmerica

  • Benefits of Chinese medicine and Qigong
  • Experience Qigong
  • Weight Management through Qigong
  • Laura Rose's 'Discovering Nature's Spirit'

    Jesse Dylan's 'The Good Life' Show

    Dr. Michael Jon Kell, MD's 'Mind, Brain & Body' on VoiceAmerica

    Dr. Sherill Sellman's 'What Women Must Know' on Progressive Radio

    Amy Lundberg & Alice Green's "Living your Personal Best" on Health Radio

    Wellness, Wholeness & Wisdom about "Qigong for Staying Young" on VoiceAmerica

    Coach Marla's about "Qigong for Staying Young"

    Rita Louise's Just Energy Radio program about Chinese medicine