anti-oxidant chinese herbs

Extra support to strengthen immunity and retard the aging process is essential in today’s fast paced, stressful and increasingly toxic environment. Chinese medicine offers herbal ways as prevention and also to restore health when toxic substances have invaded the system. They are nature’s power roots, seeds, flowers, leaves and stems traditionally used to promote health and well-being.

Chinese herbs are traditionally believed to strengthen and embellish the vital energy and essence inherent within the body since birth. There is widespread belief that anti-oxidants decrease possibility for onset of degenerative disease – although there are some that debunk this as a myth. It is still generally held at this time that substances which have been classified as having anti-oxidant properties are instrumental in minimizing oxidation effects from free radical damage caused by environmental factors.  

This being said, numerous Chinese herbs have been individually tested through scientific designs and found to indeed have anti-oxidant properties. These findings provide scientific explanation and support for the belief that Chinese herbs are effective in bolstering the body’s defense against environmental factors and retarding the aging process. This is a prime example of modern medicine, proving what the Chinese have known to be true for centuries.

As a highly developed and clinically proven herbal system - hundreds of traditional herbal formulas and individual herbs exist and are commonly used with powerful healing effects. An acupuncturist trained in Chinese herbal medicine recommends a formulation that is specifically indicated for one’s particular constitution and prevailing symptoms and signs. Chinese herbs can be taken as a decoction or as a pill, tincture, syrup or granule. Even though herbs are usually taken in combination, there are some that can be taken individually – this article will provide additional information about four such herbs that are commonly used on their own with positive healing outcomes.

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Because Chinese herbs are selected according to one’s specific energetic constitution be sure to consult an acupuncturist that is also licensed in Chinese herbal medicine to recommend herbs individual as well as combined into an appropriate formulation for your specific needs. Having this basic knowledge about these four commonly used Chinese herbs hopefully takes you a step closer to incorporating these potent substances derived from nature at its best.

Please note: Always seek advice from your physician prior to using any of these herbs.