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We have been serving the needs of our community for over thirty years now. Our staff of highly trained and experienced practitioners are dedicated to helping you reach the highest level of health and wellness possible in a safe and secure environment. We are a caring group of individuals dedicated to helping you heal naturally. We provide quality holistic health care for children and adults of all ages as we adhere to a strict set of COVID-19 guidelines to ensure comfort and ease throughout your time with us. During these pandemic times, receiving holistic care is more important than ever for calming your heart-spirit and strengthening your body-mind.

Red Bank Acupuncture services include: acupuncture, therapeutic massage, Chinese herbal medicine, along with Taiji and Qigong classes. Upon entering our center, you will immediately feel the positive and peaceful energy as you sense our concern for you as an individual. We understand what it takes to help people reclaim and maintain their well-being. I wholeheartedly invite you to avail yourself of the wonderful care we provide and look forward to welcoming you as a member of our growing Red Bank Acupuncture family!

In truth and health,
Shoshanna Katzman, M.S., L.Ac.
Founder & Director

it is my greatest pleasure to share the following story with you

Life is Filled with Silver Linings

kelly&shoshannaA global pandemic full of undeniable upheaval also produced undeniable silver linings. According to Shoshanna Katzman and Kelly Van Sickell, their reconnection was a true silver lining with a touch of “meant to be.” Conversations between the two acupuncturists during the COVID-19 shutdown led to the decision to work together once again at Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center (RBAC) after 25 years. Kelly felt like she was coming full circle back to her roots and Shoshanna was thrilled about what she describes as Kelly coming home. To have Kelly’s support was exactly what was needed for the successful reopening of the center, which Shoshanna wasn’t even sure would ever happen again. Fortunately, they now have each other, merging their strength and vision as they provide their healing work to the community once again.

Though their stories are their own, Shoshanna and Kelly share an inner drive fueled by compassion that developed in childhood. Kelly reflects how growing up with a dad who was chronically ill shaped her and set her on the quest to alleviate suffering. Shoshanna’s desire to care for others sprung forth from helping her grandmother with Parkinson’s and her little sister Wendy who stopped walking at the age of two from her smallpox vaccination.

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