about shoshanna

As a highly trained and experienced practitioner in the field of Chinese medicine, Shoshanna Katzman, M.S., L.Ac., Dipl. Ac & CH, offers professional and skillful healthcare services.


Her specialties include acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, energy medicine, as well as Tai Chi and Qigong – all to promote healing through restoration of Qi flow throughout the body.

Shoshanna provides a distinctive approach to 'person-centered care'. This is accomplished by establishing a cooperative healing partnership with each individual - accompanied by kindness, sensitivity, and keen awareness. She prides herself on the ability to gently guide others toward a renewed life-experience filled with vibrant spirit, clear mind, and strong body.

During an initial consultation with each person Shoshanna makes an evaluation of their state of health from both an energetic and physical viewpoint. A specialized Chinese medicine treatment strategy is derived according to both energetic constitution and presenting physical symptoms. One or combination of several treatments is recommended to help a person restore and maintain health.

Further assessment of lifestyle habits is a key component of Shoshanna’s evaluations. As, in addition to receiving Chinese medicine treatments, a person may need to eliminate self-destructive lifestyle habits to better promote their healing process. Through commitment to alterations in attitude, eating, and exercise practices, one is empowered to reclaim balance and vibrant health.

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