natural awakenings magazine articles (2015)

"The Art of Meditation Through Movement" December/2015

Translated as “grand ultimate”, tai chi philosophy emphasizes maintaining balance in all things, especially in terms of the complementary yet opposing forces of yin and yang. It is a 3,000 year old tradition based on the cyclical patterns of nature as tai chi practice enhances physical and energetic health.

Tai chi is frequently described as “meditation through movement”. The very first sign that a practitioner is developing a strong mind through tai chi practice is a general sense of inner calm combined with seeing things more clearly without distraction.


"Facial Beauty: A Reflection of True Health" November/2015

According to Chinese medicine, health and beauty is derived from a richness of inner resources stemming from energetic, spiritual and physical health. Without ample life force one becomes tired and “burned out”, even to the point of lacking the energy or desire necessary to fulfill basic requirements of daily living. Many people today are seeking acupuncture for facial rejuvenation as a result of favorable media coverage. Interestingly, placement of acupuncture needles on the face increases health and healing throughout the entire body.


"Acupuncture: Promise for Happy Qi" October/2015

Acupuncture regulates overall health through working with Qi. Qi is a vital energy moving through the body via energy pathways known as meridians. Chinese medicine primarily views ill-health as a result of blockages in the flow of Qi occurring as a result of injury, trauma, improper diet, and environmental effects; contributing factors also include: excessive stress and pres- sure whether it is social, emotional, financial, relationships or job related.


"Becoming Younger, as You Get Older" September/2015

Whether stemming from work, chronic pain and suffering, financial pressures, social challenges or repetitive family crises – stress wears away at the body, mind and spirit day by day and year by year. The same is true for those poor nights of sleep, one drink too many, toxic food overloads, overindulgences in sex and multitude of accidents and traumas. Chinese medicine views these set of circumstances as direct causes of premature aging through squandering of the body’s precious resources of the ‘Three Treasures’: Jing, Qi and Shen.


"Creating Healthy Children: Chinese Medicine Guiding Principles" August/2015

Pediatric acupuncture has been considered one of Chinese medicine’s greatest specialties since the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Based on this long standing tradition, a variety of holistic solutions are available for parents wanting to provide their children with the highest level of health possible, starting in their formative years and lasting the rest of their lives.


"Chinese Medicine: Treat the Person, not the Disease" July/2015

The underlying principal of Chinese Medicine is that the body heals itself when natural balance is restored. Thus the purpose of acupuncture treatments, Chinese herbal medicine and Chinese dietary therapy is to re-establish optimal health through bringing an individual into closer connection to their own internal nature, simultaneously with their natural enivonment.


"Natural Addiction Recovery through Chinese Medicine" June/2015

Acupuncture has been found to significantly increase the odds for a meaningful recovery involving drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and even food. The fact that acupuncture treatments allay the physical symptoms associated with both addictive behavior and the detoxification process is what makes it so enormously effective and essential as a recovery aid.


"Jing Power: The Vital Essence of Life" May/2015

According to Chinese medicine, there exists a precious substance revered for its abilty to govern physical growth, maturation, development, reproduction and aging -- it is called "Jing" and translated as "vital essence".


"Spring Cleaning for the Body, Mind and Spirit" April/2015

Discover how the Law of the Five Elements designates the relationship of each season to various components of life.


"Food the Chinese Medicine Way" March/2015

Discover why eating predominantly warming cooked foods is crucial for optimal health.


"Resolving Grief - A Required Process for Healing" Feb/2015

Grief is an emotion that can often be suspect as a root cause of disease, find out why.


"Transforming Healthcare: A New Beginning" Jan/2015

This is about the American healthcare renewal – a new paradigm in the making.