about kelly

kelly Kelly started her studies at Rutgers University receiving a B.S. degree in HealthScience/Biology. Her employment at a rehab center post college ignited her passion for hands-on healing techniques and she went on to study Swedish Massage, Alexander as well as Craniosacral techniques to further help her patients. She followed that with certification in Jin Shin Do Acupressure and began practicing out of a storefront on Washington Street in Hoboken NJ. She quickly veered from the more traditional graduate studies path and opted to study Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine. The youngest student enrolled at the school, she completed a 3-year Masters level program at Tri State Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine NYC while maintaining her massage practice and running a modern dance studio that still exists in Hoboken today. At Tri State she received exposure to multiple styles of Acupuncture and credits the school for her free thinking attitudes towards Acupuncture and its proficiency to treat pain.

Newly licensed, she made a call in search of an associate position to Red Bank Acupuncture and Wellness Center. She was graciously hired by Shoshanna and settled in at the Jersey Shore. She spent three formative and productive years before deciding to spread her wings. The next 20 years she would be the owner /operator of Lotus Village Acupuncture where she rose to many challenges and helped thousands regain their health. She went on to complete advanced training in allergies, women's health and pain management all while balancing family life with her husband Tom and two sons, Dylan and Reed. In an effort to give individuals more access to acupuncture and to experience a collaborative approach she left private practice in 2017 and joined a large physical therapy practice.

However, recent world situations required deep reflection on how she could best be an acupuncturist in these new and challenging times. Ecstatically, her current situation finds her right back where she started at Red Bank Acupuncture and Wellness Center, an ideal environment, both tranquil and adhering to strict safety guidelines with the perfect mentor and colleague.

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Her strengths lie in her compassion and consistency as a practitioner. She has a roll-up her sleeves approach while simultaneously creating a hopeful healing environment. She gives her all with every patient and uses any and all of her resources to help her patients succeed with their health goals. She is aware more than ever how important a balanced functioning immune system is, that chronic conditions do not have to remain that way and how Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine offer real solutions for bringing people to health and wellness.