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30 years

welcome to red bank acupuncture & wellness center

We have been serving the needs of our community for the over thirty years now. We are happy to have our doors opened after a three-month COVID hiatus. Our staff of highly experienced practitioners are dedicated to helping you reach the highest pinnacle of health and wellness possible. We continue to offer you a safe and secure environment for receiving acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese dietary and holistic lifestyle recommendations and therapeutic massage – along with ongoing Qigong classes on Zoom and outdoor Tai Chi classes. Every aspect of our center offerings comes with a ‘new’ set of COVID-19 policy and procedures to ensure that you feel totally comfortable and at ease throughout your time with us. Our primary goal is providing support to keep you balanced and centered throughout these pandemic times. Receiving holistic care is more important than ever for calming and strengthening your mind, body and spirit. This develops the keen ability necessary to maintain optimal immunity and move forward in our lives with great care and purpose during these challenging times.


Greetings, I am Shoshanna Katzman and director of Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center which I founded over thirty years ago. As a Chinese medicine specialist for over 45 years, I understand what it takes to help people make improvements in their health status. This includes helping folks re-claim and then maintain their health status along with bolstering wellness on an on-going basis. I wholeheartedly invite you to avail yourself of the wonderful care we provide at our center.

Our staff is highly trained with many years of experience: a caring group of individuals dedicated to helping you heal naturally. We are dedicated to providing quality health care for children and adults of all ages – here, working together to provide the specialized care that you need and have come to expect. Upon entering our center, you will immediately feel the positive & peaceful energy and sense our concern for you as an individual. I look forward to welcoming you personally as a member of our Red Bank Acupuncture family!

In truth and health,

Shoshanna Katzman
Founder & Director

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It is my greatest pleasure to announce the return of Kelly Van Sickell to our Red Bank Acupuncture & Wellness Center. She was my very first associate over 25 years ago. We are so fortunate that she is bringing her highly adept acupuncture skills to you. Together, we provide you with greater opportunity to integrate the ancient techniques of Chinese medicine into your life. This will empower you to access your innate healing capabilities in order to achieve your desired health & wellness goals.

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Her strengths lie in her compassion and consistency as a practitioner. She has a roll-up her sleeves approach while simultaneously creating a hopeful healing environment. She gives her all with every patient and uses any and all of her resources to help her patients succeed with their health goals. She is aware more than ever how important a balanced functioning immune system is, that chronic conditions do not have to remain that way and how Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine offer real solutions for bringing people to health and wellness.

Proudly serving Red Bank, Shrewsbury, Tinton Falls, Eatontown, Middletown, Holmdel, Ocean, Rumson, Fair Haven, Little Silver